Wedding Planner


In Space we Love weddings, it.'s all we do. Our specialty is providing pesonalized service from start to finish.
SPACE is wedding planning company located in Cairo, Egypt offering distnictive weddings for the not so average bride.
we are dedicated to making your vision a realty, creating an unforgottable event

Bassem and Amgad are Brothers which having always the same opinion They decided to have their own Bussiness 2012 They Started as an Entertainment agents With Passion of weddings overall ended Up with Space Wedding Planner

The One who is always Cool, Organized like OCD, and also Never satisfied

Meet the most Hyper Active Person who’s always nervous and never satisfied person on earth

Yasmine Elsofy

Wedding Planner

Yasmine Elsofy, wedding planner, creates magical moments for brides.

Malak Abdelsalam

Assistant Wedding Planner

Malak Abdelsalam, Asst. Wedding Planner: Helping coordinate special days.

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